Monday, July 28, 2008

Like they didn't have enough problems

My puppies are sick. Since their experience at the kennel of doom, they have had a doggie cold better known as kennel cough. Two of the dogs were vaccinated for it, but the oldest one was not. Of course, all of them contracted it.

Some of their symptoms are: runny nose, hacking (actually the sound of duck honking), snorting up phlegm and sneezing everywhere. It's lovely. It sounds a lot like my Grandfather in the morning. They just don't smell like Listerine and Old Spice.

And, because I love to freak myself out about my dogs' illnesses, I looked up what could come from kennel cough if we don't get them to a vet. I knew about the hacking and such as they are well into that. However, did you know it can also lead to anorexia??

Great. Now my dogs will be looking in the mirror, lamenting on how huge their bums are, feeling bad about themselves, and refusing to eat what I put in front of them because "Don't you know it will go straight to my hips?"

We are likely going to the vet later this week. They told me to call again on Wednesday if their conditions don't get any better. Considering Madison just blew her nose on my front window, I think we'll be taking a little trip.


  1. Makes you wonder what good the vaccinations are, hmmm??

  2. Kennel cough can make you lose weight? Clearly I need to contract it.

  3. We didn't get Lucky his kennel cough shot this year because he's never around other dogs.......

    dumb dumb dumb Your experience just made me realize just how many dogs he IS around: the vets and the groomers! I think the shot is called BORDATELLIS

    It's like humans at the doctor's office. You go in with one thing and come out with EVERYTHING.

  4. They usually don't let you into the kennel withoout proof that the dogs have had their shots. How did you get around that with Madison?

  5. My dog is just getting over kennel cough. This is the second time she's had it. We had to give her double the antibiotics and cough suppressants this time. It was horrible.

  6. Doggie anorexia? Pshaw. Maybe in the elistist breeds, like french poodles or something. Midwest dogs have SOME pride. lol


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