Me and mine

I'm MayB.  In real life, I'm Bronwyn.   Both are fairly interchangeable, but mostly I answer to "Hey".

I started blogging in 2005 out of boredom. I discovered a need to write and tell everyone everything about me.  Poor everyone.

I started off a single lady with my very first house, 3 dogs, 2 sisters/room mates, and a really intense job.  Now I have a spouse, a new house, 1 dog, the same job (which I still love) and all my family has fled the province and/or country.

Was it something I said?


Other players in my life:

The Guy: husband, friend, cohort.  He makes me laugh and laughs with me.  Or at me.  I can never tell.

My father: aka The Blog Fodder.  Remarried and living in Ukraine, my father is now more involved in my life than he was when he lived in the country.  Ah, the Interweb.

My sister Ky: aka Ky (she was always clever with nick names)  Living in BC while doing her doctorate, our prairie sister is one set of Birkenstock sandals from being a real west coaster.

My other sister Lyn: aka LynnieC.  Living in Alberta (shudder) while finishing her masters, Lyn is likely to fly the coup for the other side of the ocean any moment.  

My brother and my sister in law: They aren't online except to stalk me, so there is no link to link you to.  They live in Alberta as well and have the cutest ugly dog named Macie.  

My other sister in law: Living in the same city, my new found SiL has taken ownership of the neurotic wonder that is Madison the dog.