Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sick little puppy

Vicki doesn't feel well tonight. When we were walking outside (in horrendously cold temps) she started coughing. Her cough sounded a lot like a goose honking, but scarier.

It's been an hour and she's been doing this honking thing regularly. She even threw up a bit but it was mostly mucus. I know, I know, like you needed to hear that. But I'm worried and she's sick.

I looked it up on the internet and found out that she isn't choking but she is coughing. And then I looked up what that could be. I should have taken a clue from KB. Don't ever look up symptoms on the net.

Here is what Vicki could be dying from:
  • congestive heart failure
  • bacterial pneumonia
  • cardiac enlargement
  • tracheal collapse
  • pulmonary vascular disease
  • heartworm
I'm very afraid and I might stay up all night watching her breathe. I am going to be a freaking mess when I have kids. For serious.


  1. I think we should take puppy to the vet. I told Regan about the coughing and she brought up a really good point: kids can tell you if it hurts, but puppies can't, so you have to take clues about their health from their actions. If she's still coughing at all today, we should make sure she's not dying.

  2. Good point. I made the appointment. She can go in tomorrow when I take Maddy to get shot. I mean, to get her shots.


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