Friday, February 09, 2007

It's not a tumour

Vicki and Maddy and I went to the vet. It was an adventure, but we all came out unscathed. Relatively. Monty had his very first time being completely alone in the house and was incredibly annoyed at us for abandoning him, but he got over quickly enough when we returned home again.

The vet took a look at Vicki and she's basically fine. Although, the little bugger has gained weight since her visit in September and is now closing in on her mother's weight despite being half her size. We may have to work on that.

I explained about the goose honking noise (which the vet said was the best description he'd heard). The vet said the noise was partly due to the incredible cold we've been having (and the wind) and partly due to the pressure of her collar on her windpipe. The honking was caused by the wind, the honking resulted in bile being sent into her tummy and that resulted in puking. He said that all little dogs have delicate windpipes and should not be walked by the collar, but instead by a harness. So, I had to drop a ton of money on new harnesses for the dogs. Boo.

Madison was another story. She was there for her regular check up and shots. The vet put the thermometer in her ear and Maddy went spastic. She screamed like he was stabbing her with an icepick through the brain (well, what I imagine it would sound like...) and then a horrible stench was released into the air. She butt-juiced all over the table. And not a little. At least a gallon. (Okay, actually a Tbsp or so) Apparently, some dogs do this when they are scared - like a skunk. I was embarrassed that she smelled so bad and then I was disgusted b/c she got some on me!! There is nothing grosser than smelling like your dog's ass. The vet laughed about it all (especially when I told him we call it "butt juice" and not "anal discharge").

With all the poop and puke and butt juice this week, the dogs have been a real treat to have around. But I am very glad that Vicki is not dying and that Maddy isn't that afraid too often.


  1. It's good to hear that she's alright. It's so upsetting when pets are sick.

  2. Oh I hear ya! I just went thru Eric having the stomach flu, then Chloe gets diarrhea and then barfs on our area rug and twice on the stairs..sweet.

  3. Schmutzie: Thanks. Even with all the trouble and destruction they cause, I hate to see any pet be sick.

    Kristin: At least Eric didn't barf on the rug. Poor Cloe, I hope she's feeling better soon.


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