Sunday, July 20, 2008

Puppy prison

After dropping off the dogs, I was worried we would come back to a pile of fur and a bill for vet charges for numerous other dogs' injuries. I kept worrying the entire trip, but was repeatedly assured the dogs were fine.

Today I got to pick them up. Lyn and I went to the kennel as soon as check out times began. We announced who we were coming to pick up and were met with "Oh. They hate me." The girl at the desk assured us the dogs had indeed done okay, but would be happy to go home. She described their entire weekend.

They stayed in their kennel even when the door was open (just like Seligman's dogs). Montel (who was kept in a separate kennel for temper sake) wanted to go with his mom and sister and was quite upset he wasn't able to. When the dogs were coaxed out of their little rooms (by one kind hearted staff person they didn't hate) they would huddle by the door and just wait to be let back in. Other dogs wanted to play, but our dogs were having none of it. They just sat. There was no crying, no snarling, no barking. Just waiting.

Lyn went to the back to get them. Vicki saw her and immediately peed all over the floor, herself and Lyn. Maddy didn't quite believe that Lyn was real and was pretty hesitant to go there. She eventually wandered back to the main room where I was and launched herself through the air into my arms. Montel could not get out of there fast enough and may have figured out how to open a doorknob if Lyn hadn't gotten there first. The staff person assured us this was normal for "shy dogs" (that's what they are??) and that they would be better next time.

I don't feel much better, but it's good to know they survived with little (other than psychiatric) damage.

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  1. The poor babies! I know how you feel. I am devastated whenever we have to leave the cats. Hubby's brother came to visit once a day while we were in Colorado and he would scoop out their box and give them food and such, but it was so obvious when we got home that they felt they had been abandoned. Milo followed me right on my heels for at least the first 24 hours after our return!

    But, all's well that ends well. It's good to be home all around.


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