Monday, July 21, 2008


Skinny man with long hair and a backwards cap wearing a stained beer shirt. In one hand, he holds a beer. In the other, he pulls a shopping cart with his two children in it.

I love my neighbourhood. That is so classy.


  1. Did he have beer in the cart along with the children?
    If so, extra white trash points!

  2. What? No picture?

    Your neighborhood sounds a little bit like mine.

    Christmas decorations still up? Check, on the house across the street.

    Fat guy sitting in a lawn chair in his garage, drinking the day away and listening to butt rock?
    Check, next door to the Christmas decorations.

    Dude flying a model airplane ALL FREAKING DAY, EVERY FREAKING DAY?
    Check, next door on the left.

    Car with no muffler being worked on really loudly?
    Check again, next door on the right.

  3. he had a shirt on? wow you do live on the classy side of town!!!

  4. We have chickens, pigs, goats and cows in our neighbourhood. Oh, and dogs, lots of dogs, I assume to protect the chickens, pigs, goats and cows. But the people are pretty normal. For a village. Our village is so small we can only support a part-time idiot (so I get to leave once in a while).

  5. Yeah, but how many TEETH did he have? Eh? That's how we determine which side of the tracks he lives on in my hometown! haha!

  6. All he needs is a gun rack slung across the cart and he's all set.

  7. Are you sure we're not neighbours?

  8. I love rednecks...without them....who would we blog about? lol



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