Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More subtle than a restraining order

I have a peeping issue.

I am one of those people who peer into other people's windows when I walk down the street. I can't help myself. I want to know how people have decorated, what they are doing, how things are going, who is inside. I find myself weaving stories about people I have never met and am enthralled by little changes or daily goings-on.

I have been spying on a couple down the street for almost a year. Technically, it's not spying. I just happen to walk my dogs down the street every day, twice a day. I am a creature of habit. The only variations are which streets I turn on to make my way home. I always start off on the same street.

Two women live at the end of the street - a block or so away. They live in a house I have loved. Two stories, beautifully designed, I have watched them as they renovated and painted and built. The only lady is quite the carpenter. I watched her build an exquisite front porch, two sheds, a three tiered back deck and a cedar fence. Her partner is a painter and I have seen many of her pieces in the different stages of completion. I feel like I know them. I wave when I walk by and marvel in the competency of each.

Recently, the carpenter finished another project. A 6 inch lattice on the top of her fence. A 6 inches which blocks any view I could have. It is a double lattice - crissed and crossed so no space shows. And I feel left out. I am going to miss watching the carpenter working on the saw bench; miss the newest pieces of art being created. I am sure the lattice was always in the plan, but it feels like a door being closed on my insight into their lives.

Onto the next house!


  1. Well that wasn't very nice of them!

  2. I love to look in peoples back yard from the interstate....
    Love your blog!!!

  3. Damn her and her lattice !!

    ps....I miss the days of taking my children out trick or treating. Gave me a chance to peek inside others homes.


  4. I am such a peeper....I think its in the blood.

    I think you may have scared the carpenter and painter. Damn them and he lattice company.

    You can come look at my Rednecks if you want.


  5. I do the same thing. It's like looking in on a dollhouse...or The Sims.

  6. I do the same thing. I like making up stories about people's lives. Yet, when I see people walking/driving by looking in my windows, I feel violated.

  7. Are you SURE we're not related? There are too many features that we share and this is the latest and greatest.

    My husband, being ever so prim and proper, can't understand why I tell him to "drive slower!" when we're passing homes with the curtains open.....at night!!!

    NO. I'm not interested in THEM, I'm interested in their surroundings. Since we live in the country, I live in a peepless world. But my peeping came to a thrilling climax one night when we took a stroll IN TOWN!! SIDEWALKS!!! Who knew they existed!

    We walked past one house that I have always drooled over and....and....their cutains and shades were open!!!

    I halted. Couldn't move. Standing transfixed with the joys to behold. MY HOUSE. MY COVETED HOUSE. INVITING ME.....no....INSISTING I LOOK!!!!

    Had to move on though, before Joe called attention to me by pointing and yelling "STOP LOOKING IN THEIR WINDOWS!!" idiot

  8. I just finished writing my post for tomorrow. YOU gave me the idea, so YOU will be in it.

  9. Kendra: That's what I thought!!

    Keeper: I'm glad I'm not alone. Thanks for the compliment!

    Philly: That's one of the reasons I loved delivering papers. When I went to collect, I could go in and look around.

    Sista 2:I can borrow your rednecks? Thanks!!

    Kalki: Totally. A little world where they move around and I can just watch. Perfect.

    Delia: I leave my windows open all the time. I am sure people stop looking in because I am always doing something stupid in front of the window.

    Dana: I think we're twins. I can't wait to read your post.

  10. I totally peep into peoples' open windows when I'm walking past. I mean, who wants to stare at the street or the sidewalk when there's so much that is new and exciting to see in someone else's home/life?!!

    But, uh, hon? I think the neighbor ladies are trying to tell you something with that lattice. So, I guess now you'll just have to add "telescope" to your christmas list.


  11. Any time I am going past houses, especially in the evening when the lights inside make the windows into actual living tvs showing *true* "reality shows", I can't help but wonder about the lives that go on all around me. The circles of lives that exist directly next to my world yet never touching it. It amazes me to realize all the happenings that go on inside those houses that I know nothing about, except for what few moments I see as I pass by.

  12. Set the lattice on fire. That's jacked up that they blocked your view!


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