Monday, August 13, 2007

Bah, what do you know?

Not that I would ever complain about anything, but I have had a throat infection all summer. I have been to the doctor numerous times, been on anti-biotics and other fun remedies and taken most the summer off from work. I am still not better.

I will have one or two days where I am doing great. Then I do a ton of yard work or house work or travelling and the next two days I am back where I started. Throat sore, hacking and dry cough and no energy. Finally, my doctor did a whole panel of tests including a chest X-ray.*

Last week, she had her secretary call to tell me I had to come in and discuss my test results. I am thinking she found something. I was partially relieved and scared all at the same time. I went in and waited for over an hour. She had no appointments free, but assured me it was important enough that she would just "slot me in where she can". An hour later, I was slotted. Do you know what she told me?

The tests came back negative. There should be nothing wrong with me.

Okay... but she called me and told me to come in. To tell me I am fine?? But, my throat still hurts. I am still losing my voice on and off. I still feel like crap every other day. My glands are swollen. But I'm fine??? Silly me.

The doctor did mention one important thing. I talk too much.** And because I talk so much, I am further aggravating my throat. She suggested I "cease all unnecessary talking".

That would be a great plan, except all my talking is necessary.


* A chest X-ray involved pressing yourself boobs first into a wall. Then, you hug the wall so your boobs are even more flattened and uncomfortable. Then you breath in and hold it. It's a good time. You should try it.
** Tonight, I not only talked too much, I screamed my fool head off at the Blue Rodeo concert. My doctor is going to kick my butt. Of course, I'm not going to tell her I did it. Mostly because I won't have the voice to do so.


  1. Did they check for Mono?? Sorta sounds like mono..that includes a throat swab and blood test..wheeeee!

  2. you were at the folk fest?!?!?!! Me too! It was sooo fun! hubby and I volunteered at it this weekend and had a blast! Did you see any other shows?

  3. What? That's really weird.

    I know that I always go to this possibility, but could it be allergies? I lose my voice a lot, but it's normally from some sort of inhaled allergy (perfume and dust usually do that to me, meaning that church in an old building with old ladies is interesting).

  4. Krissie: Nope, no mono. They tried that too. And West Nile. (Which was grandma's idea)

    Julia H: I was there. Lyn was volunteering too, so we went with her and a friend to Blue Rodeo and Black Umbrosi (sp?)

    QoWP: I think it's all in result of some meds I am on. Once I am done them... in 4 months, I expect to be fine.


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