Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ever since I left my camera in the rain, everything I have wanted to talk about should include pictures. So, I have waited and not posted so I could borrow a camera and show pictures, but I never did borrow that camera. Bugger.

Anyway, here is what I did this week.

1. Put down new sod in my backyard.

It finally arrived after almost two weeks of me calling and getting the same dumb cashier at the gardening centre who swore she wasn't allowed to take orders on sod until it came in - however every time it came in, she didn't have enough for my yard. Finally I asked "Can I speak to someone who isn't you?" The next lady I talked to said they booked for sod all the time - she took my info and voila! I had sod. Wade came to help and we laid it in under an hour. I was proud. Especially since we kicked Jason's butt in time as he was putting trim back in his closet.

2. Bought a brand new car.*

I looked at my car and realized it had cost me close to 6 grand in the last few months. I realized that payments on a new car would be cheaper than payments to the credit card for the repairs. So, I settled down and looked at cars. And found one I love - a Nissan Versa Sedan. (in slate grey with sparkles) I looked at the Matrix which is the car I had my heart set on, but it wasn't as good as the Versa. So I bought it. And it is awesome. I am thrilled.

3. Went with a friend to pick up her new dog!

His name is Burton and he's a Cavalier Spaniel and he's so sweet I want another puppy. I mean, in exchange for my three, but still. He was teeny and sweet. I loved him. Oh, and I had fun hanging out with Kelly too. We talked our heads off and now my throat hurts again.

4. Went to my friend, Jess's wedding.

She was beautiful and elegant and stunning. The wedding was so pretty. I didn't get emotional until Chad handed Jess some Kleenex and I realized he had brought extra along in case Jessica cried. (see how I said "in case" Jess and not "when"?) I thought that was the most romantic thing ever and burst into tears.

5. Am now going to Blue Rodeo. Suckers.

*this is to be said as though you are an announcer for a game show.


  1. All of that stuff is great, but you totally missed the house warming of the century!

  2. Are you posting the guy's name now? Cuz you did in #1.

  3. Gwenhwyfar: I know. I feel bad. I was going to come over and then I had a wash of social anxiety, so I went, got introduced briefly to you and turned heel and ran. I am a chicken.

    Miss Gina: Dammit. I keep doing that. Forget it. He's got a name. I will try to avoid anything else.

  4. hehehe... no worries lady. We're kind of a scary bunch.


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