Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lake front

We had a great time at the cabin this weekend. We took all the pups with us and it wasn't near as much a gong show as I had thought. They enjoyed the water immensely. Well, that's what we tell ourselves as we dragged them in against their will repeatedly. We have footage of each of them coming into the water. Vicki jumped in on her own accord, but much like Maddy, she was surprised not to find a bottom immediately and became very freaked out. Montel may never forgive Ky for throwing him in, but eventually came around and swam out once on his own.

Highlights of the weekend:
  • Maddy sat on a marshmallow that had fallen off it's stick when I was cooking it. Her bum hole was entirely matted with marshmallow. We were going to post pictures, but Mel pointed out it was too much like dealing in doggy porn.
  • Montel, when set in the water, swims like his life depends on it. If you lift him out of the water, he still swims for near a minute without realizing he's not in water anymore.
  • Vicki had an introduction to a true thunder storm. Upon hearing the crack of lightening, she bolted across the room, landed on top of the couch, spun three times and fell onto Ky's lap. She is not a fan of thunder storms.
  • Numerous conversations of inappropriate topic in front of Granny Rita. She was less horrified at our choice of topics than Lyn who looked ready to crawl under a rock at any moment.
  • Mel made Ky laugh so hard she peed. (In other related stories, while I was driving home last night, I sneezed so hard I peed.)
  • I finished Harry Potter and cried my head off.

The only bummer of the trip was that I left my camera out in the rain. It is destroyed. The memory chip is readable, but the rest is toast. I am not happy.

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