Saturday, July 14, 2007

Maddy and the lake

This year after camp, I decided I would head up to my aunt's cabin to visit. I needed the break away from home, responsibility and dogs. Except Maddy. I decided to take Maddy with me for companionship and some needed one on one time. She's been a little cranky since the puppies moved in for good.

The girls brought Maddy up for me on the weekend and she and I hit the road Sunday afternoon. We had a great time of her sitting on my lap while I drove and trying to stick her tongue in my mouth every time I sang out loud. Since I sing out loud a lot while I drive, this occurred often.

She had a great time at the cabin exploring and sniffing and rolling and eating things that Auntie fed her from the table. She even got to go in the lake. It was an accident, but she went.

Maddy and I had taken a little stroll and I walked down the steps to the dock. We wandered out to the end of the dock and I sat down to let my feet dangle in the water. Maddy stuck her nose into the water to check it out and decided she liked this lake thing just fine. She then leaned a little bit further so she could get a drink. And promptly lost her balance.

She put out one paw to brace herself, but hit only water. Head first she fell off the dock into the water. When she came to the surface she looked at me with an expression that said "What did you DO to me?". She paddled away and soon I could tell she had no idea how to get out and was starting to panic. So, I took pity on her and dragged her onto the dock, all the while laughing my head off. She shook water all over me as pay back.

I don't think she will try that again.

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