Saturday, March 26, 2011

Phenomenon -- oldies but goodies

This word was given to me by Wilma.  Why use it here? Um... because I'm a phenomenon.  

I got nothin'.

I'm off today moving Grandma to her final resting place new apartment.  In celebration, I'm leaving you with a bunch of links to old posts.  My favourite posts.

Go Ahead, Eat that Cake

Wonderfully Made, or How I Learned about Sex

A Successful Marriage is Built on a Freshly Made Bed A Grandma story!

Oops, I pooped my pants

It's been a ding-a-ling day

More, more, more than words

The hotel -- aka: I love kids, just not yours.

The case of the missing teeth - a Grandma story revisited

Me as a child: I was a big, fat liar


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