Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home - A love story

Saturday was the day of the big move.  Friday evening, Grandma spent a good two hours unpacking and repacking her dressers, suitcases, and boxes.  We finally got her to settle long enough to hang out on the couch with the dogs.  She went to bed by 9pm and was up bright and shiny on Saturday.  We weren't in a rush to get going, but the jitters were upon us.

Grandma with the dogs.  She had been feeding them cookies.
My brother drove in 5 hours to help with the move.  We had my Uncle Dean and his wife, Dea, there too, but needed more "muscle" (I use the term loosely.)  Auntie Ruth, Grandma and I were prepared for them when they arrived (despite the terrible roads) and it was short work to get the trailer loaded.  While Uncle Dean drove with the trailer, Grae and I took his truck with the two dogs.  We had to separate Vicki and Grandma because no one knows who is the worse traveller.

The guys and I spent the afternoon setting up the apartment, unpacking, hanging clothes, pictures etc.  It is a gorgeous place -- very open, lots of light, and super friendly people.  By the time we were unpacked, Grandma's new neighbour had dropped by twice to see if Grandma was there yet.

Once we were done with the room, we told the two Auntie's (Ruth and Dea) that they could bring Grandma.  We met them at the door and Grandma and I walked to her room hand in hand.  Her hand felt very little in mine and I wondered how I was going to let such a small and fragile thing go out on her own.

We opened the door and stepped inside.  Grandma gasped and burst into tears.  It's lovely!  I never thought I deserved anything like this.  And that's when my heart broke for her.  She grew up in poverty.  She lived her life humbly.  A 270 sq ft room with curtains, new flooring, and a new couch was more than she had ever thought she would have or want.  She wandered from piece to piece running her hand along the familiar things and patting the new couch with wonder.

Vicki and Grandma in the new apartment.
Vicki can come to visit, but can't stay over night.

It's not home for her yet, but it was more than she expected it would be.  Soon, she will find friends and activities and her way down to breakfast.  Soon, she will be home.

More photos of Grandma's new digs.


  1. My grandma was so proud of herself when she moved into a senior's apartment. It was the first time in her life she ever lived on her own and she felt like she deserved it. Little grandmas don't need much room.

  2. wow, such a beautiful way to accept change. Ask your gramma lots of questions about falling in love, marriage, raising children, her youth. Since my gramma passed away I wish I had asked her so much more. I took it for granted that she was always just an old lady, until I went through her picture albums. She had a wonderful and full life, and losing her husband was the greatest heartache for her but she braved it and kept a cheerful heart. I went thru some old cards that she had kept and found one that she had for my grandad. It was a St. Patrick's Day card and on the top was written in her handwriting, "I couldn't give you this card dear, you left me too soon." He died March 14...I burst out crying.

  3. Oh, little Grandma. She's so sweet and tiny and crushable like a bird.


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