Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things I suck at about being a woman: A list

I cannot:
  1. Put on eyeshadow without looking like I've been punched in the eye
  2. Walk in heels without falling down
  3. Leave the 90s style behind me.  20 years ago and it still influences me.  If I let it.
  4. Pin my bangs back.  You know when women haven't showered, so they pin their bangs out of the way and it looks so cute?  Yeah, I can't do that.
  5. Shave on a regular basis. 
  6. Wear lipstick without it gathering in the corners of my mouth and looking crusty. 
  7. Eat without making a mess.
  8. Look good all the time, even when I'm sick.
  9. Remember not to pull wedgies in public.
  10. Make the bed every day.


  1. I pull wedgies all the time. I just cannot help it!

  2. We're supposed to be able to do those things? What? NOBODY TOLD ME!

  3. I have just begun to realize just how many "unladylike" things I do - I'm an utter failure- as my friends and I joke - Reasons 545-550 of why I am still single....

  4. prairie nymph29/07/2010, 16:18

    wow. i had a totally different definition of womanhood!

    I can put on eye make-up to look like an old man, though.


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