Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Put down the duckie

I was having a bad morning.  I didn't sleep well last night, my alarm went off annoyingly early, I didn't have time to wash my hair, the cleaning lady was at the office when I arrived, and everyone on the road was driving like jerks.  And then, I went to check blogs and came across this post.

When I was little, I loved Sesame Street.  We watched faithfully every day. Ours was a combination of American and Canadian Sesame Street.  We had French skits where the American kids had Spanish and we had a few uniquely Canadian characters, but otherwise, it was essentially the same.

This video made me smile.  I remember watching it.  But, I was shocked to see it again because I had no memory of all the famous people who were also in the video.  People like Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman.  People like John Candy and Andrea Martin from SCTV (a Canadian show!).  Pee Wee Herman was there.  And players from the Mets and the Giants.  Also, the guy that was in that movie about priests.  Ky will know his name.

Watch and see who I'm missing.  Also, see if you can get the song out of your head when it's over.

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  1. OHMIGOSH!!!!! Pete SEEGER was in it! And Jeremy Irons is the priest guy you meant, and Paul Simon was there, and two characters from Upstairs, Downstairs. That was awesome.


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