Sunday, February 14, 2010

Even married, I'm alone on V-day

This year marks my first Valentine's Day as a married woman.  And where am I?  Not with my husband.  Typical.

We're not much for the Valentine's Day celebrations.  For us, every day is a day to express our love.


I got the chance to go see my sister over this week and, when I discussed the chance with The Guy, I asked him if he would mind me not being around for the most romantic of days.  He stood up and cheered at the thought of a whole week alone.  So, I guess we're okay.  I'm here, having a wonderful time, and he is home basking in the laziness it is to not have to clean up after me.

I decided, as my gift to him, I would write a list of things I love about him.  You can read it, or you can carry on. I won't be offended either way.

  1. The lines on his face are from smiling.
  2. I catch him having silly discussions with the dog.
  3. He tickles me "out of love".
  4. He's very tall.
  5. He's the perfect hug height.
  6. I can wear heels and still be shorter than he is. (Did I mention he's tall?)
  7. He barbeques almost anything.  Even in winter. Although, not this winter.
  8. He doesn't make me shovel.
  9. He creates his own heat and doesn't complain too loudly when I steal it.
  10. I can make him laugh
  11. He will make me laugh when I'm trying to be grouchy
  12. Even when he is mad, he doesn't get MAD. 
  13. He lets me sleep in and stay up late.
  14. I can be silly around him and not be self-conscious.


  1. I love that there is no number 15. There are exactly 14 reasons why you love The Guy.

  2. Oops. I must have thought I was coming back.


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