Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scarf! and Dog!

While in Victoria, Ky taught me to knit.  I realize this enters me in the trifecta of old lady-ness: knitting, cross stitching, and joint pain, but see if I care.  I liked it.  It was relaxing and gave me something to do while watching TV that wasn't eating.

I worked on the scarf every minute I wasn't doing something else.  And now, a week later, I am finished.  It is a really long scarf that hangs down to my waist when I wrap it around my neck.  It's soft and Alpaca and teal.  Although, in the picture it looks blue.  Trust me.  It's teal.

The bow is where I ran out of material and had to start another roll.  I am likely going to weave the bow in, but for now, I like it.

And for all those who couldn't give a monkey's bare bum about knitting, a picture of Monty.  He missed me very much for those 8 days I was gone and hopes I never go away again.  I won't.  For two more weeks.  Sorry, dude.

For those who like neither knitting nor puppies, I have nothing for you.  And you have no soul.  FYI.


  1. Look at that sad little face. You can see his tear marks. HOW COULD YOU EVER LEAVE HIM?

    Also, look at that scarf!! Good work, Bronny. It looks great.

  2. Are you your mother's daughter? Will the scarf hold water?

  3. Damn, MayB- that look on Monty's face made ME fee guilty. I need to go buy him a bone now or something.

  4. Ky and NotBenny: I know, I will never be able to leave him again. He was SO happy to see me. And he won't leave my side no matter what. I feel really guilty that we have to leave in 2 weeks for a business trip. Poor thing.

    Dad: Nope, it won't hold water. Another knitter looked at it and said the tension was perfect!

  5. I like knitting AND puppies! How did you finish that scarf in a month though? I was under the impression scarves took years to knit. Are you some sort of magic knitting elf? Because if you are please come and finish knitting my scarf.

  6. Good job on the scarf! It looks beautiful. :)


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