Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Today is a perfect kind of day.  The temperature is hovering around -6C.  There is a light, gentle snow drifting down lazily and the sky is a light grey.  Not the depressing kind of grey where you are pretty sure you'll never see the sun again, but the kind of grey that promises sunlight is just about there. 

I woke up and took the dog outside for his morning pee.  He skid down the sidewalk on the fresh cover of snow and bounded around the corner.  His enthusiasm was catching.  Mind you, he is always enthusiastic about peeing and such, but today his joy was palpable.  It made me want to call in sick to work and take him on a long exploration of the fresh snow and pale light.  But alas, work beckoned.

As I head off to work, a neighbour (out for a morning walk) waved to me happily.  I love our little bay.  Everyone is friendly and courteous.  It's like being in a small town in the midst of a bigger city.  All of us getting ready to head out into a world that is less hospitable, but we all make time to wave.

Now, I am watching the sun come out and play on the snow as it rests lightly on the trees.  The snowflakes are fat and soft.  Today, it's a good day.

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  1. I need a beautiful morning today. I am glad you had one. They can be rare.


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