Saturday, February 13, 2010

I climbed a mountain and you're damn lucky I came back down

Friday, Ky and I climbed Mount Doug.  Mount Doug is an excellent mountain as it almost always sounds dirty when you are talking about it.  Especially if you know anyone named Doug.

Wednesday, we walked to the beach and back (an hour long hike) and it took me 2 days to get the feeling back in my hips.  So, this time, I was hoping that I would just die half way up the mountain and not have to deal with the pain of being a thirty something year old trapped in a 90 year old body.

The day was muggy and windy, but the parking lot at the base of Mount Doug was packed nevertheless.  Everyone and their dog was there.  And that's not just an expression.  There were puppies everywhere.  It was like my happiest place on Earth -- except for the being outdoors and exercising part.

We began our trek up with a skip and a hop to our step and a song in our hearts.  No, we started our trek with a slow plod and a wish for our beds, but we kept at it.  We wandered along, pausing to look at the sights.  Well, that was our excuse.  In reality, it was so I could catch my breath and relieve the stitch in my side.  I took some of my favourite pictures that way.

This tree stopped me because of it's knobby knees look.  It was smooth as a baby's bum, but had been carved into a couple of different times by people along the way.  We took many pictures of this tree.

This was my first use of "Super Macro" (to be said in the tone of Super Man!) I like this tree and it's weird mossy thing.  Of course, the reason I stopped to take this picture was because I was tired and old and wheezing.  I have had way too much potato chips in my life.  Me so fat.

It was at this point we noticed the coolest woman in the world.  She was 90 if she was a day and carried a hand carved stick.  She also passed us numerous times as we stopped to catch our breath.  I imagine she does this trek on a regular basis and is actually closer to 134.


But finally we made it to the top.  It was breath taking and lovely.    We could see mountains and little houses and other stuff.  It was good.  But then, we had to come back down. 

I'm still tired.


  1. Did you think when you first passed that old woman that you were stuck in a time warp and that was actually you, still trying to make it to the top?

    That's what I would have thought.

  2. Great close up shot.
    Glad you didn't beat up the old lady for passing you just because she could.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I guess the fact that you hate hiking is the one and only thing that is different about us. And the being married thing.


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