Sunday, May 31, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 183

Decided to get back into the habit of doing this. So many good things happening, I want to keep track of them.
  1. Two more marriage prep meetings left before the wedding.
  2. Means we are that much closer to be married.
  3. I have started packing some things.
  4. The air tonight smells like honeysuckles and lilacs. My favourite combination.
  5. Watching Monty scrunch all the blankets into submission before he lays down. Knowing all the while I'm going to steal them back later.


  1. I had to read this twice ... I thot you wrote that you had 2 more marriage proposals! You lucky girl you!! Honeysuckle and lilacs are my faves as well.

  2. I have missed these. I like to read Violet's as well. Her husband always figures on the list in some way.

  3. Mmm, honeysuckle. We stopped during a walk last evening to pick some and taste it. Hadn't done that since I was a kid.

  4. ARgh, I hate this time of year. I've had constant sinus pain for more than a week because of flowering trees. Two nights ago, I could feel my headache get worse with each breath as the smell of lilacs invaded my nasal passages.
    I'm glad you can enjoy them but I on the other hand can't wait until winter.


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