Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yes, ANOTHER Twilight post

I stumbled onto YouTube last night looking for something and was immediately distracted by the new Twilight: New Moon trailer. I clicked on it excitedly and settled in to watch a sneak of the movie I plan to get in line for next week. Yes, I'm well aware it doesn't come out until November. I'M NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES HERE.

Jess and I watched in awe until 1:26 seconds in. It was then we both gasped and screamed like little girls at a Backstreet Boys concert. Watch and see what I mean.* WOW.

The kid that plays Jacob is SPECTACULAR. So, we decided to look him up. I knew he was ridiculously young - too young for my old lady, leering, cougar eyes. But I didn't know HOW young too young was. He was born in 1992.

I will let that sink in for a second before I make it even worse.

I was 16. I was in Grade 10. I had my license and a job. A couple of girls in my grade were pregnant. I am old enough that this drool worthy kid could be my own son.

Something so wrong shouldn't feel so right.

*Yeah, yeah. Some of you won't care. To that, I say "Go somewhere else and leave me be."


  1. Oy vey! I was 21 when that child was born.

    I don't care. He's still all sorts of yummy goodness.

  2. prairie nymph02/06/2009, 09:35

    not nerdy enough for my taste ;)

  3. not moody enough for my taste. I'm still on Team Edward.

    And dude, the "you suck, and that's sad" was a pretty awesome place to send those people.

  4. Really? Well, I didn't go. So there.

  5. Wilma: Totally right?

    Prairie: Of course not!

    Ky: I am all about the MANLINESS. You can have the moodiness.

    Also, I thought that sending them to that page was pretty clever.

    Roger: You totally should have. It was epic.


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