Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gallery showing

The couple who are doing the photos for The Guy's and my wedding are being featured at a local coffee shop this month. It's pretty exciting, so I am encouraging all local friends to head there and check them out. Not only will you see some great work, but you will be insanely jealous about the professionals who are shooting my our most special day.

Here is the write up on them:

Free Lense PhotoGraphic is holding a new photo exhibit called 'Glimpses of the World'

During a 14 month journey through 17 countries across Europe, India, Polynesia and the Far East
Svetlana and Alf saw and photographed the uniqueness of places, people, architecture and nature
that are a must to see.

This exhibit displays the grandeur of Rome to the peaceful tranquility of the backwaters of southern India.

Atlantis Coffee Victoria Ave. and Hamilton St. are host to this exhibit, so why not come and enjoy your favourite tea or coffee and feast your eyes on images that will inspire you to go out and see your own 'Glimpses of the World'.


  1. Wow, that's a sweet deal, having professionals like that shoot your wedding.


  2. Thanks for the tip - I'm going to be sure to check that out!

  3. If you check their website under "About Us" the four points describe Alf and Sveta exactly. Especially the last one. You cannot help but look happy for ALL the pictures. No "Russian Smiles" allowed.


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