Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad idea, Batman.

I haven't shaved in awhile. It's not that I didn't want to... well, okay, it was that I didn't want to, but it was also that I forgot. Do you know how tall I am? It's a long way down to my legs. And sometimes, I forget to look there. So, suddenly it's 4 weeks later and I'm horrified because I look more like a Yeti than a woman.

I had a gift certificate for my favourite waxing place and I figured, since I already got the right growth, I would give them a call. Have you ever called a place of business and NEVER gotten an answer? I mean, no answer. NONE. So, I thought, okay, I want this done by Wednesday, so I will just have to do it myself. I can do it. Right?

I went to the store and bought a container of wax. I read the directions and thought "How hard can this be?" Why do I ever ask that? We know what happens when I ask that.

An hour later, I have one leg red, blotchy, throbbing, and still slightly hairy, and one leg completely untouched. And I'm out of wax.


  1. Take the other leg to the waxing place.

  2. Too late. I gave up and shaved. Also, I didn't want them to laugh at me.

  3. Bwahahaha... Ky is hilarious.

    And what an unfortunate adventure. :(

  4. I could never be a woman. Too much maintenance.

    I guess if I HAD to, I'd choose to be a hairy lesbian. I could probably deal with that.

  5. Whenever I say that, the project time I'm on DOUBLES.

    It's not pretty. Much like your (poor abused!) leg.

  6. The too tall to shave excuse really would only make sense if you had little T-rex arms and couldn't reach your ankles.

    I'm a big fan of CoCo for waxing. Best experience I've ever had as far as ripping hair out by its root goes.

  7. i'm glad this was a leg waxing story, and not a lady-bit waxing story...

    uhm, also, my comment word verification is: "ducksat" weird.

    Duck sat on what?

  8. i tried to do my bikini line once. i stopped at the first rip, after i screamed so loud my son was ready to break down the door and save me from the horrible monster that is surely trying to kill me. i was left with a nice bare patch, that was dripping with blood.


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