Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks for coming, here's a gift!

I am hosting a union class tomorrow. I had to take all registrations, organize leave from work, plan the meals, the snacks, and - the most important thing - the door prizes. For some reason, in the union world, the mere fact that you have shown up is reason enough for a present.

Here is what I've purchased:
a coffee cup with cappuccino mix
a tin rooster
a tiny candle in the shape of a coffee mug
a Canada key chain
a little notepad with a googley eyed dog
a Co-op bag for shopping

I expect this will go over quite well. I especially like the tin rooster. There is no purpose for him, but he is cool.

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  1. In the Union world, the mere fact that you show up for work warrants being paid.


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