Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Days of Grace: 151

I skipped a few days. It's not that I wasn't thankful, I just didn't care.
  1. Getting out of a night shift to sit around all day and read. Go union!
  2. Dollarama. I love that store. I can buy everything I want and still only spend $10.
  3. Quantum of Solace. I don't care what people said, I liked it.
  4. Bananas. Fun to eat and spell!
  5. Bought The Guy his wedding band today.


  1. I want to see that movie. I saw his forst one and he is THE best Bond since Sean Connery

  2. I am the meme monster, rearing its ugly head -

  3. I totally misread Dollarama. I was wondering what was to love about a store selling dolls or doll parts. $10 spent on creepy dolls eyes with eyelids?


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