Sunday, April 12, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 133

I think that's how many days... I can't be bothered to remember. So tired.
  1. I'm home. Glorious home. With my own home. My own bed. My own tub, my own couch, my own everything. I love home. If I could, I would never leave. But then, I would starve and likely become even weirder.
  2. The weekend was good. I had a great time. I played with many, many fat babies (So many of my friends are pregnant and/or have just burst forth a child) I love fat baby thighs. I want to eat them.
  3. I got to hang out with my sister, LynnieC. It sucked that Ky wasn't there, but it was super fun to see Lyn. I miss my sisters!!!!! Oh, and my brother and my sister-in-law. And my dad. But mostly my sisters!!!!!
  4. Pie.
  5. Sleep. No 9am wake up call. No 10am church service. No need to be up before noon really. Sweet.


  1. I was already super sad that I missed feast for the first time in 28 years, and then you had to go and mention PIE. SERIOUSLY.

    Now I'm just depressed.

    Oh, and I miss you too. Not just pie.

  2. Okay, I'm going to have to make some pie like now. (Well, I need to make quiche anyway, so maybe I can make some extra crust and Ky and I can eat pie.)

  3. were your bro & sil actually at Feast and I missed them? wow. that sucks. I would have said "hello" at least...


Crap monkies say "what?"