Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kids are smarter than you think

Every time I go to church camp, I volunteer at the local canteen. Every evening after church, I spend an hour or two selling people cheap candy, hot dogs, ice cream, and pop. I tend to love this job because I get to talk to all sorts of people (in short intervals so they don't annoy me as much) and I get to overhear conversations that amuse me.

One night, a little girl came in with her mom. She was allowed to pick out a few candies before she headed off to bed. Her mom made her a deal - if she could count how many types of candy there was on the counter, she could have one of each. The little girl was thrilled.

She started off quickly, "One, two, three, four, five!!" Then she thought for a bit and slowly said, "Six.... seven..." Then she stopped cold despite there being one more candy container on the counter. She screwed up her face in concentration and was silent.

After a short interlude, her mother gently prodded her, "Is that all?" The girl looked slightly put off and said with disdain, "I only want seven."

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  1. we work at the canteen for the same reasons, woot! yet another reason why you and I get along so well... :)


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