Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 114 - under the wire edition

  1. I went to Tim Horton's before work and by the time I was at the front of the line, the staff had already poured my drink and rung it through the till. It was excellent.
  2. 100 calorie bags of Smartfood. I get my cheese popcorn fix and don't eat an entire family sized bag.
  3. These new pants are very comfy. I'm all about the faux-maternity waist.
  4. Finding great ideas for how to attach my mother's veil to my head. Now to execute the ideas.
  5. Yogurt in ready to eat pre-sized containers.


  1. Father (at daughter's debut concert), "What do you think of her execution"?
    Friend, "The sooner the better".

  2. Michaels has veil-head bands. They're only $12. Is it weird that I'm becoming a wedding planning expert? Actually, I think the right word is ironic.


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