Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sad things, glad things, funny things

Sad Things
  • The Guy's grandpa is in the hospital. He seems to be okay, but it might have been a stroke. Grandpa turns 90 on the 6th, so he's pretty ancient, but we kind of like him. Pray for him and the family.
  • Our house is having to reduce it's price. The market is apparently falling faster than a drunk in a gutter. We had our heart's set on making a killing, so this is a bit of a speed bump. But that's okay. As long as it sells, we're fine.
Glad Things
  • I was able to buy new pants because The Guy's mom sent a bunch of gift certificates for one of my favourite stores to me. She redeems Airmiles for them which I think is brilliant.
  • The new jeans I bought are "comfort" jeans. Which basically means they are stretch and have no button or zipper. They are pull-on jeans. Like maternity pants for the "not pregnant, just fat" group. I consider them a step up from sweat pants. It's like I've given up on life, but still look stylish while I do it. So far, I'd recommend them. They are comfy.
Funny Things
  • It has rained and snowed and frozen all in the last two days. The streets are treacherous, but Montel and I still have to go out. Stupid dog and his need for exercise. Montel likes to run the last block or so in order to get to the house first and fastest. It's one of my favourite things to watch. This time, I let him off the leash and he went tearing off. As he rounded the corner, he hit an ice patch and slid right off the sidewalk. He wasn't hurt, so I didn't feel badly about laughing and laughing.


  1. Sorry to hear about Wade's Grandpa.
    Tough about the house but just get rid of it before prices fall more.
    Would love to have seen Montel skating.

  2. may i ask where you found these "comfort jeans"? they sound kind of heavenly.

  3. Reitman's. They've got a whole new line of them

  4. oooh ... i still have a gift card from christmas for reitman's (which i love, too) ... i must investigate!


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