Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 115

  1. Montel stood in the hallway and stared at me until I realized he wanted to go to bed, but wouldn't go without me.
  2. When I ignored him, he came to rest his head on the coffee table and stare at me. And then he sighed.
  3. I went for coffee with two internet friends, Saviabella and TypicalQuirk, who are now my IRL friends!
  4. Then I went for supper with Crazybarefeet. We had a good time talking like grownups.
  5. We ran into my old partner Lorraine (as in "used to be" not "ancient"... well, not just ancient) and my good friend Ang's* dad who was in town for a conference.

* Not sure why I haven't linked to her in the sidebar. I thought I had! And now I will.


  1. It was absolutely lovely to meet you today. It was like having coffee (or super high maintenance tea, rather) with an old friend. You rock. We will definitely have to hang out again soon.

  2. I'm glad you had supper with him and I hope you made him laugh till he had to pee.


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