Friday, March 20, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 110

  1. Montel and I met up with Jess and Whiskey (a 2 yr old chocolate lab) on our walk. Montel actually behaved himself for the most part even while at their home. He had a short lapse in manners when he snapped at Whiskey, but was promptly rewarded with a smack to the nose.
  2. We had someone view the house today. And it was moderately clean.
  3. I even did most the dishes. Well, the ones I couldn't fit in the oven.
  4. A good conference session on drug labs and gangs in the city. I even found out what to do about the tagging incident.
  5. Lunch with friends. I like having friends who aren't related. It's novel.


  1. I hope Montel will learn to be friendly to other dogs. We have had our share of the other kind.

  2. You're going to start a gang war? Awesome!

  3. Dad: He's learning.

    Janny: I didn't mean you!!!

    Roger: I totally am. You in?

  4. What are you doing about the tagging? My garage got tagged too when I lived in that area so I'm just curious. If you're really starting a gang war I'd like in on that action as well.


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