Saturday, March 21, 2009

New blog header!

Since I no longer have a plethora of puppies, I have revamped my header. I think you will like it.

Update: I actually changed the entire site now.


  1. How can one not like Chuck Norris. Besides, I think you can use his likeness now if you buy him a sandwich.

  2. Is there anything Chuck Norris cannot do?

    Ans: No. No there is not.

    I love it.

  3. They will like or Chuck Norris will make them like it!

    Shhhh, but I have a Chuck Norris poster on the wall in my bedroom. Framed.

  4. Whoa! You caught me off guard with the re-design. Must say it looks good. A bit more white space (i.e., a bit more "spacy").

    Glad for the "truth in advertising."

    Problem: with a Chuck Norris pic, the blog has "gone to the dogs."

    These things are too complex for a bear of very little brain.

  5. Crap. It looked right on my computer. Looks wrong here. Bugger.

  6. Based on movies I've seen, Chuck Norris hates immigrants and Arabs. Good choice, Oh, PC one.


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