Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 108

  1. Chewy fruit snacks.
  2. The Guy and I bought our invitations!
  3. Stomping on the thin skin of ice over puddles. It gives me a joy disproportionate to the act itself.
  4. Today's conference on shift work was actually interesting, informative, and encourages on the job napping!
  5. Conversations that consist of the phrase "You would be so mad if I peed your truck". But in my defense, he was hitting all the bumps and I'd had many glasses of iced tea.


  1. I LOVE stomping on the thin ice on puddles! I thought I was alone on that!

  2. Oh no! I was supposed to talk to you and tell you that Terra was going to offer that she could make your invitations for you! But I'm sure that the invitations that you bought are lovely, and she's got a bunch of other things that she's going to offer that she can do if you want (like a wedding cake for the cost of ingredients).

  3. Holy crap, you linked me already! hahaha... awesome


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