Sunday, March 29, 2009

Days if Grace: Day 119 - Anniversary edition

  1. I bought a crate for Monty. It was regular $120, but I got it for $36. It will fit him perfectly, except for the fact he is terrified of it. He never barks any more, so imagine my surprise when I heard this.
  2. The Guy and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary today. Who knew that getting a coffee date for fear of becoming a lifetime spinster would result in such a good thing?
  3. In celebration of our 2 years of great relationship, The Guy bought me all 5 seasons of Angel. That is love. His only stipulation? He never has to watch it.
  4. I've ordered the flowers for my bouquet and I'm so excited about it I want them here NOW.
  5. Talking to Grandma amuses me greatly. The woman is a loon.


  1. I may have to eat Monty's face. Just maybe.

  2. Montel is so funny. Glad to hear he doesn't bark anymore. His mother was a bad influence. Why is he so scared of the cage? And what did you need one for anyhow?

  3. 2 years, for serious? Time flies, yo. Time flies.

  4. I just read your post about your coffee date. I love that you were nervous and skeptical. Gives me hope. And congrats!


Crap monkies say "what?"