Sunday, March 29, 2009

Conversations with Grandma

Speaking about a woman who died earlier this winter. "You remember that woman? She wasn't quite right. But everyone was nice to her. Even if she was a little off."

When I told her I didn't mind whatever she wears to the wedding. Even if it's a lamp shade. "Well, it's decided then. That's what I will wear. You can introduce me to all your friends."

"You shouldn't eat so much cereal. You'll get rickets."

Talking about bonds she gave to me to hold for myself and my sisters. "When the others got married, I realized I might die before you and your sisters got married. So, I put the money I would have given you as a gift into bonds. Then you could have the money when you got married or turned 30. It's a good thing you waited to cash yours!"


  1. You and Ky can write a book. I do wish Ky would publish "How I became my own great grandmother".

  2. Grandmothers are awesome, in their own little way.


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