Monday, March 30, 2009

It might have been the comfortable shoes

My coworker Jess and I went shopping for furniture for our office. We needed two couches, some lamps and a coffee table. We went into each store, explained what we were looking for, and compared quality, price, comfort, colour, etc.

At the third store, Jess mentioned we may want to lead with the fact we're looking for office furniture and not a couple looking for couches as the assumptions seemed to be.

I looked at us -- both tall women. Me with bad hair, no make-up, and an over-sized sweat shirt. Jess with great makeup, shiny hair, and a trim belted coat. It was then I realized the second part to the assumption. I was totally the dude in our lesbian relationship.

Sitting on a either end of the couch, I tried to make Jess hold my hand, but she would have none of it. She figured she could do better.


  1. That is the third time, now. There was introducing Mel's sister to your "Partner" and LynnieC referring to Mel as her SiL when you two were living together before she and Graeme got married. Yoou have a sign on your forehead?

  2. As if. You were in such a hurry to just buy something that you couldn't have paused for any hand holding! If I let you be the dude, does that mean that you get to start paying for all our meals out together, because if that is right, then I am in.


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