Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 59

  1. Flowers given for no reason.
  2. When The Guy tells me he "cheated on me" I know he means he went to Denny's without me. It is sad that Denny's is "our" spot.
  3. Cornflake "Surprise" Cookies. Even raw. Heck, especially raw. (And yes, I know about all of you who think I will die from whatever stupid ass disease you get from raw cookies. I. Don't. Care.)
  4. Enough leftover hamburger casserole to feed me every day for 3 months.
  5. Quiet.


  1. Some day you'll get tired of that quiet. Some day you'll miss having me around.

  2. I miss cornflake cookies!

  3. Oh man! I forgot about surprise cookies! I love that the surprise is Cornflakes.

  4. If raw cookie dough has raw eggs, you could get Salmonella (sp?. Of course, you can also get that from the raw eggs in Caesar Salad dressing too, so some things are worth it

  5. I would sooooo settle for Dennys as our place! I'm really getting tired of soup and salads at home. Blech.

    Now I think I'll go dream of a grand slam breakfast. Or just a hugggge stack of pancakes. Yum!


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