Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 58

  1. The cable guy came today. The dogs fawned all over him and Vicki followed him like a love sick pup. She would have gone home with him if she could have.
  2. I have cable back in my house. To celebrate, I taped 4 hours of shows I don't even watch.
  3. Cheering on people as they parallel park even knowing they cannot hear me.
  4. Oscar from Corner Gas. I haven't watched much in recent years, but Oscar kills me every time. He's such a grumpy pants.
  5. The word "fusty" just came up in a game I'm playing. What the heck is a fusty? I looked it up. It means "musty". Could they not have just said that?


  1. How do those dumb mutts decide who they love and who they will bark at until you want to choke them?
    I thought Corner Gas had run its last season a couple years ago?

  2. I wouldn't have believed fusty was even a real word!

    And that cable guy? I think he had beef jerky in his pockets!

  3. Dad: I haven't been able to decipher the subtle difference. Corner Gas is in it's last season now. Oscar is still funny in repeats though.

    Giggle: I know! What a ridiculous word. And the cable guy might have been packing, I didn't ask.


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