Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Typing skillz

I never learned to type properly. I didn't take typing class in high school because I think I was taking advanced classes. I may have been a tad snooty about anyone who had to take typing because it was akin to taking home ec or shop. However, since I bombed in home ec and loved shop, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have judged those in typing class.

Back in the day, they were still using typewriters. It is sad to me that this is the case, however, it certainly shows me how old I am. These ones were electric typewriters, so we were ahead of the times.

Instead of taking the class to learn proper techniques, I taught myself. This took me many hours of writing papers and playing Mavis Beacon games. Now I have a faux typing ability. I am fairly fast. About 50 ish words a minute. I haven't tested since the days of the old IBM in the basement spare room, so I can't be sure on these numbers. But, I am quick.

What I am not is precise. My fingers are not often in their correct places. I use about five of my ten fingers regularly. The rest I hold daintily in the air for fear they get in my way or type something I did not intend. Like when I accidentally hit "enter" instead of the apostrophe.

The other problem is, while I don't always have to look at the keyboard, I find myself unable to type words spoken or written without looking where the keys are. As I am typing now, I don't need to look at the keyboard often. Unless it's to find where I am because my fingers have somehow slipped over one key and I am writing something completely non-sensical.

I've decided to test myself. Do I have any idea where the keys actually are? I am going to type the alphabet without looking at the keyboard. Let's see how I do.


Wow. One mistake. I'm better than I thought. Although, I can see where my fingers are on the keyboard even though I'm not looking at the letters. I will now try with my eyes closed.


Not as good. Six errors. Mavis would be so disappointed.


  1. Huh. Our typing class was in grade 9, when we didn't have advanced classes. (So was home ec, except I guess you could go on and take more sewing and cooking classes up to grade 12.) But I also taught typing in elementary school because I was a nerd and teaching computers got me out of recess with the bullies.

    (And our typing class used electric typewriters too. I think we were some of the last ones to use them.)

  2. I learned to type "properly" but I *hate* it. I feel awkward & uncomfortable. So I have adjusted the way I type & it works so much better for me. "Proper" typing is overrated, in my humble meaningless opinion. What I do not understand is why I can type just fine--quickly & without many errors at all--without looking. Until I think about it. Then unless I look down at my hands, I can't seem to type.

  3. 50 wpm? I refer you to what I said here: http://amandolynandky.blogspot.com/2008/05/earth-to-zanxibor-were-looking-for.html.

  4. I hate to be picky (not true) but there are actually two errors in that first alphabet.

  5. So I'm not the only self-taught Mavis Beacon typer? I was a competitive kid and had to destroy my siblings' high scores. Rock on with shop class. It's where the cool kids were.

  6. I tried to take typing three times, twice in summer school (I'm with you, I was too busy in regular school) and once in night school (where I managed to ditch most nights to go over to my boyfriend's house).

    I can type fairly well in my own little way, but it certainly isn't professional!

    Just for fun give this a try...

  7. QoWP: Totally behind the times.

    Dawn: That's me too.

    Ky: I'm actually up to 65 wpm now. I've been practicing.

    Little Apple: I am totally that competitive too.

    Mandy Lou: Best game EVER!

  8. Gwen: Yes. I spotted that now. Thanks. You're so helpful!!


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