Monday, January 26, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 57

  1. BBQ pulled pork. Mmmmm. (P.S. Grae, I ate your Christmas present. I'll get you more. It was awesome.)
  2. Coming to work to find 70 hours of recorded CSI: Miami episodes. Seriously. I love Horatio. The lamer he is, the better. 70 hours is a bit much, but it doesn't reduce my love of him. Sometimes I think the writers sit around and think of the worst lines they can come up with and then build an entire episode so he can same them. Don't believe me? Look at these. WOW.
  3. Finding out today that, for the first time in 7 years, I am not scheduled to work Christmas.
  4. Being reminded of this picture when Lyn said, "Did you pinch Grandma?" No, I didn't, but awesome.
  5. Getting to the final section of a cross stitch pattern I've been working on for about 8 months. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to show you all pictures.


  1. Ha! Seriously, what is wrong with grandma?

  2. The rumour is that the guy who plays Horatio pretty much throws out the script and says whatever one-liners pop into his head. Also, the sunglasses are all him; he acts through them. (Did I mention how much Karl loves CSI Miama? It's one of the four TV shows he watches. He can't get enough of Horatio Caine.)

  3. Miama? They're spinning the shit out of that show.

  4. First Christmas off in 7 years? Dude, you'd better hold a freaking CIRCUS to celebrate!!! lol

  5. I think I must groan on average four times per episode at Horatio's lines. Yet I cannot stop watching. It's as if you have to tune in next time to see what new levels of cheese they can achieve.

  6. Dude, have you noticed the "Horatio Chin Factor" or HCF when you watch CSI: Miami? Basically you can use Horatio's chin as a clear indicator of how much he knows. At the beginning of the show his chin will be down at his chest indicating that he is as stumped as the rest of us. Then, slowly but surely the chin will rise as the episode goes on. And finally at the end you'll see him, chin in the air, puffed up with cheesey goodness and over-acting gas and you know, you just KNOW he's got all the shit sorted out. If and when you see him, chin in the air AND hands on the hips, you, my friend, are so totally screwed. He's got your number and he's coming for you.
    Seriously. Check it out.


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