Monday, January 26, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 56 (on the 57)

Work is messing up my blogging schedule. Seriously, when are they going to stop bothering me?? I would like paycheques delivered to my door but without actually requiring any action on my part. That would be sweet.

  1. Baby thighs. So fat. And so precious. Chubby, rolly, big baby thighs. Cute on a 6 week old. Would not be cute on a 36 year old. Hardly seems fair.
  2. Men from other agencies who feel the need to stand up for us social worker women. Their intention is so good, but sometimes I want to tell them I likely won't run from the room weeping if a client calls me a bad name. They amuse me.
  3. Left over hamburger casserole. I will not have to cook for about 5 weeks. I will only be eating one meal, three times a day, but think of the time saved!!
  4. Work peers. Finally having coworkers who are my age, with my knowledge, my interests, and my sense of humour. It's like heaven, but at work and without harps. Note to self: ask boss for harps.
  5. Sleeping puppies. I like them so much better this way.


  1. Stop harping at your boss.
    Welcome to heaven. Here is your harp.
    Welcome to hell. Here is your accordion.

  2. I love chubby baby thighs too. Just not on me. HA!

  3. I think there will be accordians in heaven. And I want to eat sleeping puppies. Gobble gobble gobble. (Turkey's eat sleeping puppies, apparently).

  4. "Will there be Mogan David in Heaven? If there ain't, who the hell wants to go?"

  5. Oh #5 - it's really the only way that puppies should be :-)


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