Friday, January 23, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 57

1. Having friends and family members who are technology savvy. If not for them, my DVR, TV and Cable box would be in a pile on the floor. I am waiting for a friend now who will hopefully restore my ability to watch reruns of Parking Wars.

2. Watching my friend's daughter, M, turn into a beautiful (and much less annoying!) young woman.

3. Quick chats with friends to lament over boyfriends (mine), husbands (hers), dogs (mine) and babies (hers) so that we don't run away from home and never come back.

4. Going to the gym even though I didn't want to and feeling better as a result.

5. Today there is no #5. Stupid cable still isn't working. ARGH.

Grace in The Small Things.

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  1. you remember your recent posts about your misunderstandings (insert "reservation" here)? Well, reasons why you and I get along so well: I just took about 3 minutes and multiple readings of this post to understand what you meant by "there is no #5"... I thought: "should I know what #5 is? is it some kind of code word? and how does not having a #5 count as a blessing? man! a #5 must be pretty negative... why haven't I ever heard of this '#5'"???

    yes. for 3 minutes.

    but I get it now! lol. *sigh*

    love you - sorry about the cable.


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