Thursday, January 22, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 53

  1. My house is clean. Top to bottom. As long as you don't look in any drawers or closets. Its glorious.
  2. The meeting with the Realtor went very well. She was positive about the house and pointed out all the good things. I haven't been attached to this house so I haven't been able to spot the positive things myself. I feel very relieved.
  3. The Realtor said the house will sell easily. It relieves me greatly to hear this from someone else.
  4. I have more clothes than I could possibly ever wear. Mostly in the form of tank tops and sweaters. I love them.
  5. Hanging up on telemarketers. Before they get online. If I pick up and there is no one there right away, I hang up before the click. It makes me happy and I don't hurt anyone's feelings.

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  1. Well shit... I honestly would buy your house if I was in a better position. Why can't you be selling a little later on?

  2. I feel best when the house is clean too. And organized.

    Lord...I need help! lol

  3. I hope no one other than yourself is looking in your drawers.


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