Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oops, I did it again

Watching TV tonight, a commercial came on for a wild life resort. The tag line stated that to take part in the joy all you needed was a reservation.

I looked at The Guy with a confused expression on my face and said "A reservation?"

After a long pause, he turned to me incredulously and said "Not an Indian reservation. Like a reservation. Where you call and book a spot."


Two degrees, people. I have TWO degrees.


  1. It's easier to understand why Greame litteraly stood up when you asked him to be your attendant.

  2. Gud thing you went to colledge and got an edjercation.

    Do you remember your disgust when a young man phoned from Florida to ask where the toothpaste was? Of when your chiropractor did not "get" the plot of some movie?

    Be thankful The Guy isn't so unforgiving.

  3. I am most impressed with the fact that he understood that you assumed "indian reservation" purely based on a look of confusion... with mind-reading skills like that, he's a keeper! :)

  4. Joe and I keep forgetting the next word we are searching to use, but that's ok. I always "insert word here" and he does the same for me, and it WORKS.

    It sounds like you've got a top notch future with this man.


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