Saturday, January 17, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 48

Okay fine. I'm being unfair. I had a little temper tantrum, but I am trying to get over it. So, deep breaths. In with the good air and out with the bad. Remembering the good things to fight against the feeling of needing to choke the living crap out of someone or something. So, I am doing this so I don't go to bed with a migraine. I have to work tomorrow.

  1. When people show significant personal growth after intraspection. Even if it's not quite all there, the effort is noticed and appreciated.
  2. I discovered that if I press really hard on either side of my neck right where it meets my head I can make my jaw and face muscles not hurt. It immediately shoots horrendous, flaming pain through my skull, but my jaw is good to go. This to me is a plus. I just need to know how to fix the neck muscles. I'm thinking of having them unattached.
  3. The weather is steadily improving. Two warm-ish days in a row. That's progress.
  4. Soup got stolen off my porch, but $50 worth of books I ordered sat there for 10 hours without going anywhere. I love this neighbourhood.
  5. Meditation, as lame as it looks and sounds, is actually calming.


  1. if you lie on your back on a hard surface (think: floor) and put tennis balls under those muscles that connect to your neck and try to relax... then those muscles should stretch out a little. I used to get headaches and sometimes pass out because those muscles were so tight. (I think they're called suboccipitals, if you go to massage therapy or something... - but the tennis balls work!)

  2. They left the books? Too funny!

  3. If it was my book order, they would have fallen asleep reading them and drowned in the soup. Would have served them right.


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