Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mmmm, pennies

My mouth tastes like pennies. I don't have a clue why. I haven't been chewing on pennies or anything copper really. And yet, that's what I taste. No matter what I eat, it all vaguely resembles chewing on little pieces of copper.

I decided, being that I am responsible and want to deal with health issues -- no! Really! -- I would look up the symptom and see if I have any weird diseases (Please let it be one where I lose 20lbs. Please!!) and then I could get treated. I'm just being medically responsible. Proactive even.

I went to the Internet for answers. Oh Google, how I love thee. You may not have accurate information, but you sure do have a lot of it. I typed in "mouth tastes like pennies".

Not a single real medical site came up. Just a bunch of like-minded loons looking for answers. Answered by a bunch of non-medical like-minded loons. There were a few explanations for the symptom, provided by no one with a medical degree of any sort. However, they were answers so I looked at them.

Metal mouth? You could be 1) pregnant (nope!), 2) have a vitamin deficiency -- likely zinc and or B12 (totally possible), OR 3) you could have Bells Palsy. Hmm. That seems... out of the blue. You would think I'd have noticed that.

Maybe I'll keep looking for the answers. Or, I could chew on nickels for awhile.


  1. Did you call the Health Line?

  2. Dude. Your sister is a librarian (in training). Go to her when you need reliable information. Or talk to Amanda. She's a pharmacist, so she knows all sorts of things.

  3. Not to sound gross but maybe your gums are bleeding a little as you eat. when was the last time you were at the dentist?

  4. It probably would be a better idea to talk to Amanda The Pharmacist, but I googled "metallic taste in mouth" and it brought up a bunch of medical symptom stuff, and the most legit-looking of the sites had a list of what it could be, from most likely to least likely. They said that most frequently it's a side-effect of medication (including certain anti-depressants). Otherwise, it's probably something for the dentist to check out.

  5. It's also a side effect of taking sleeping pills. Had you taken a sleeping pill the night before?

  6. Have you been over-indulging in sugar free cokes? Ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes in Feb 08, I've been drinking sugar free cokes and have a constant penny in my mouth. Much like sucking on a brass doorknob would taste. How do I know? Well, just IMAGINE.

    This can also occur prior to a migraine.


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