Friday, January 16, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 47

  1. I exchanged my DVR today for a new one. And, I unhooked and hooked it up all by myself. If you knew me, you would know what a feat this is. In real life, I can't do these things. I can repair a hinge, replace a socket, move a piano, but I cannot -- I repeat, cannot -- put together electronics. So, this is a big deal. Of course, while I was congratulating myself on this, I promptly broke it. Or I thought I did. I had only unplugged it accidentally.
  2. The Beast - Patrick Swayze is awesome. In general and in this show. If you like stuff about crime and law and stuff, you'll love this.
  3. What Not to Wear is transforming a woman who created an erotic trivia game but wears her mother's clothes... She's a teenage slut and a chubby middle aged woman. I'm confused. However Stacy's line "Okay. We're going to punch your mother on the way out." GOLD!
  4. Finding out something that really annoyed you was just a lost internet connection which caused the person on the other end to also be horribly annoyed at you. Mis-communication is funny, right. When you stop wanting to choke the other person that is.
  5. I got to shop today with someone else's money. I love that. I didn't keep anything I bought, but it was awesome nonetheless.

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  1. I watched that WNTW with the sound off (I was on the phone) and I'd been really confused by the fact that she was wearing clothes that were sold when she was nine years old. Oh, they're her mother's!


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