Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Just don't tell your mom, it's our little secret

Milton Bradley has come up with a new group of toys. They are called "Toys by Uncle Milton". I suppose what the company was going for was a more friendly and family approach, however, it just ends up sounding creepy.

For example:

Uncle Milton's Rainbow in My Room -- recreates the beauty and wonder of the rainbow with a vividness that can’t be missed. Yeah, like we all haven't heard that one before.

Uncle Milton's Moon in My Room -- includes settings to authentically show 12 different phases of the moon. Lower, lower, lower, FULL MOON!

Uncle Milton's Remote Control Snake -- race it along smooth surfaces and let it sneak up and scare someone! Then challenge your reflexes by sending your snake through obstacle course. I don't think that's a "snake" Uncle Milty.


  1. Perverted toys for perverted children. Which one do you want for Christmas? No, let me guess.

  2. I don't want Uncle Milton mooning me in my room. On a crowded street, with lots of cameras, maybe, but not in my room.

  3. Uncle Milton makes me very scurred.


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