Friday, December 12, 2008

The dream, it is over

Today, The Guy and I were talking about Christmas decorations. He isn't much for Christmas. Working in the retail industry does that to a person. Except for Lyn, who we all know is demented.

I was talking about the fake Christmas tree in the restaurant where we were eating and how it was a travesty to all things Christmas. The Guy mentioned how it is the only thing he would be able to have as he is allergic to real Christmas trees.

My jaw hit the table. All my dreams of having a family Christmas tree and laying on the floor under the branches to smell the tree were dashed. He looked at me with surprised.

You should see your face right now. It's like I told you there's no Santa.

There's no Santa? Great, now he's ruined TWO things for me.


  1. Have you actually ever shared with the blog how you and Graeme found out there was no Santa? Because that's my favourite story, because I'm a bad person.

  2. I will tell that one at Christmas. It's a good story.

  3. But HOW allergic? I mean, I'M allergic, and I just get hives up and down my arms if I touch the thing with bare skin (i.e. not long-sleeves, WHY, what did you THINK I meant??)

  4. He can't breath if he's in a house for long that has a real tree. Alas. He won't wear a gas mask. Jerk.

  5. Quick woman, get that profile up on! It's not too late to land a new fish before the holidays!!!

    (just kidding The Guy!!)

  6. That's sad, but I'm proud to say my family has had a fake tree for like 5000 years, and I've survived somehow. (Though I have a real one at my own house this year, and OMG I LOVE IT.)

  7. Awwwwwws. *snort*
    I mean, Oh honey, I'm so sorry....

  8. prairie nymph16/12/2008, 11:43

    is he allergic to juniper branches? we put some branches in a huge vase, decorate it, and then sprinkle essential oils all over the house. makes it smell like Christmas all year round!


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