Sunday, December 07, 2008

Day of Grace: Day 7

It's been a snowy day here. But I've been busy and wearing long johns, so the cold hasn't bothered me too much. However, the dogs are now soaking wet from our walk, so I imagine it is only a matter of time.

  1. I sold the treadmill. Finally. To a nice couple from Saskaotoon whose brother-in-law owns the same one. The guy came to pick it up (with his 90lb wife, so guess who helped carry it up the stairs?) and showed me how to check how many miles is on the machine. His BiL's has 18,000. Mine? 376. Embarrassing!
  2. While I was out walking the dogs my lovely neighbour shovelled my sidewalk. I'd had time earlier to do the walk to the house, but not the sidewalk. It was a lovely surprise. She is a doll and I adore her.
  3. The big Christmas gift I am making for a friend has really gotten underway and I am fairly pleased with it. Just a bit left and I can start the finishing touches.
  4. Pomegrant green tea. It is the loveliest tea around. I left all mine at the office though, so am wishing I had it back. May have to go buy more. I have to drive my car around to the garage anyways.
  5. It is 6pm and I am in my pajamas. It makes me happy. However, it makes it awkward if I am going to go to Shopper's Drug Mart. Although, in my neighbourhood, I will likely not be the worst dressed there.

I need to find a way not to put a damper on all my grace findings. Hmm. Must work on this!!

I am participating in NaBloPoMo. This post is for my part in 365 Day of Grace in the Small Things.


  1. You mean you don't do your hair, put on makeup and heels to go to Shoppers? Tanya makes me crazy.

    My code word to comment today is shnotti. Yiddish for snobbish?

  2. You solved the mystery of the snow removal?

  3. Your neighbor is a gem! I love it when people do things for each other like that.

    Pomegranate tea, huh? Hmmmm...doesn't sound good to me, but I'll take your word for it. :-)


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